We can diagnose and repair all your gadgets including desktop computers, laptops, phones and tablets. Repairs are usually done on-spot, but if necessary, we will bring your device to our repair shop.

What kind of problems can we fix

We fix all kinds of hardware and software problems on your computer, tablet or a phone.

If your computer is having issues, or doesn’t even start up, you phone or tablet is constantly running out of space, or also doesn’t work – You are at the right place!

Bring your device to us, or contact us and we will come to your place.

With years of knowledge and experience in dealing with hardware and software problems, we will quickly diagnose  and fix all your problems.

Schedule a home visit

Schedule a home visit using calendar bellow, or by calling us at 079 327 10 85.

See you soon!

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If you want to save some money instead, you can bring your device to our repair shop:

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