Did you forget your password, do you need help with installing a program, or sending an email? Do you want to transfer files from your phone to your computer? Then online remote support is what you need!

Not all problems require us to visit you in person, or you bringing your device to us. That’s why we also offer online support which saves time and money for both you and us.

If you wish to contact online support right now, click here.

If you wish to hear more information about this service and about pricing, then just keep scrolling.

How it works

  1. Download and run LiteManager.
    Click here to see how to download and run the program.

    How to download and run Lite Manager

  2. Send us your phone number, Lite Manager id and password using the form bellow, or simply tell us in chat.
    Lite Manager
  3. We will call you on phone, connect to your computer and try to resolve any issues you might have. During that time you will be able to see everything that we do with your device.
  4. Pay trough Pay-Pal.

And don’t worry, password will change the moment you close the program, and nobody will be able to connect to your device without you sending a new password.


  • 100 Kr per hour.
  • Minimal price we bill is for 50 Kr.
  • After first 30 minutes, we bill 25 Kr for every extra 15 minutes of work.

Can Remote Support be used for everything?

Remote control is cool, but it can’t be used for all kind of problems. That’s why if we fail to fix the problem through remote access, you won’t have to pay anything. Instead, we will offer to visit you and diagnose and fix the problem in person.

Care Package

If you think you will need online support often, or you know someone who might need it, we recommend you to check out our care package section. For small monthly fee, you will get your personal online tech support.

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