Computer cleaning is very important and needs to be done at least once a yer. Dust is something we can’t run away from. It’s just another inconvenience of life, but for your computer too much can be extremely dangerous! Dust can slow down, or even kill your PC.

How to know if your desktop or laptop computer needs dust cleaning?

  • Fans are loud
  • It slows down (thermal throttling)
  • Computer turns off while doing something demanding
  • It has been a year since last cleaning

Dust will interfere with proper air flow in your computer, which will make it run hotter and heat is what kills computers. To fight high temperatures, your computer will spin the fans faster, which will make it louder, and fans will wear out quicker. Also, just like humans, when computers are too hot, they have to slow down.

Computer might even turn off to protect it self from damage caused by heat.

Ultimately, heat might kill your computer, so take action, before it’s too late!

And we will be here to make sure your favorite computer has a long and healthy life!

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Process of computer cleaning

We will clean your computer at your own home, or if you would like, we will bring it to our repair shop. Also, you can bring your computer to us, and we will call you or bring it to you after we finish.

  1. Remove parts that require careful cleaning (power supply, graphics card, CPU heat sink)
  2. Remove spider nets (yes, spiders live in computer cases) and any hard objects that don’t belong in computer
  3. Use air compressor to remove dust from computer
  4. Disassemble power supply, and clean it, then put it back together
  5. Remove CPU fan and clean it
  6. Use air compressor to clean CPU heat sink
  7. Remove old thermal paste from heat sink and CPU and apply new
  8. Assemble heat sink and CPU fan and put it back onto CPU
  9. Clean graphics card fans and use air compressor to clean it’s heat sink (apply new thermal paste if necessary)
  10. Put power supply and graphics card back
  11. Connect all the cables back
  12. Assemble computer

Process of cleaning laptops is very similar.

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