What do we offer

We repair computers, tablets, phones, printers, other gadgets and we also fix network problems.

We offer best computer repair service at lowest price!

Reinstalling OS

We will backup your data and format storage, install OS, drivers and other programs and scan your data for viruses before putting it back on your device.


Dust can lower performance of your devices and shorten their life-span. That's why regular cleaning is important so your computer could have a long and healthy life.

Data recovery

Your computer doesn't want to start? Don't worry, not everything is lost! We will use professional tools to retrieve all your important pictures, or any other files.


Do you want to extend your wi-fi network, wish to connect a printer, or have a problem with your home network, we will make it work in no time.

Diagnostics and repair

We can diagnose and repair all your gadgets including desktop computers, laptops, phones and tablets. Repairs are usually done on-site, but if necessary, we will bring your device to our repair shop.

Remote support

We can remotely connect to your computer and fix any issues you might have, or we can give you technical support by a phone call. You might also check out our care package.

Care Package

You have an older family member, or just someone who isn't very tech savvy, or you might need help yourself? For a small monthly fee you will get a personal online tech support.

Web development

We will build a website for You, your company or organization using WordPress. We can also custimize the theme and add new features using HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery and PHP.

How Geek Support works

Schedule a visit

Schedule a home visit here,
or call us at 079 327 10 85

Confirm date and time

We will call you to confirm date and time of the visit 2 hours before scheduled visit

Home visit

We will visit you and fix any issues you might have. If we can't fix it there, we will bring your device to our repair shop.


After we fix your problem, You will be able to pay in cash, or trough Pay-Pal


Home visit

250 Kr / h
Minimal price is 250 Kr
After first hour we bill 50 Kr for every extra 15 minutes.

Remote support

100 Kr / h
Minimal price is 50 Kr
After first 30 min we bill 25 Kr for every extra 15 minutes.

Store Visit

200 Kr / h
Minimal price is 100 Kr
After first hour we bill 50 Kr for every extra 15 minutes.

Care Package

Do you often need tech support, or know someone who does?
For a small monthly fee you can get your personal online tech support

For as low as 100 Kr / month you can get 1 hour of work, with maximum of 15 tickets.

  • Basic
  • Kr10000

    per month

  • 1 hour of work
  • Support for 1 device
  • 15 tickets
  • Standard
  • Kr15000

    per month

  • 2 hours of work
  • Support for 2 devices
  • 30 tickets
  • 1 free home visit each month
  • Trial
  • Kr000

    one month

  • 1 hour of work
  • Support for 1 device
  • 5 tickets

Meet our team

Two nerds from south Stockholm.
One boring Sunday we decided to turn our hobby into a business.
Young male Michel Kuic

Michel Kuic


Car electrician and electronic enthusiast, I have been repairing all kind of electronic devices for more than 10 years.

Young male Nemanya Ilincic

Nemanja Ilinčić


I'm a web developer and tech enthusiast, I owned a computer repair shop before moving to Sweden.

What clients say

young female

Ivana Sreder

Streamer and artist

"I use Geek Support Standard Care Package. They have helped me a lot and fixed all the issues I have had, on and off the stream, saving me time and money."

Srdjan Djuricic

Srdjan Djuricic


"I used their online support many times and I always had a great experience. I would recommend them to anyone. Definitely worth the money!"

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, or a problem you wish to solve, feel free to contact us!

Visit our repair shop

Blockstensvägen 52, Stockholm

Give us a ring

Michel Kuic (Swedish and English) 079 327 1085
Mon - Fri, 09:00 - 17:00

Nemanja Ilinčić (English and Serbian/Croatian) 063 768 1441
Mon - Fri, 09:00 - 17:00

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